Step up to High School

Step Up to High School is a four-week transitional summer program for incoming ninth-graders in Chicago Public Schools. The program focuses on mathematics and literacy and incorporates a counseling component that aims to build students’ academic, study, and interpersonal skills. Students learn mathematics and English language arts through hands-on activities, collaborative groups, and real-life applications.

Chicago data indicated a high failure rate in Algebra I and under-representation of Hispanic and black students in upper-level math courses. The district believed that students who passed Algebra I and English in their freshmen year were much more likely to graduate high school.

The goal of Step Up to High School is to encourage more students on the cusp of academic success to become engaged in academics and have a smooth transition from middle to high school, which will ultimately lead to higher graduation rates and successful high school experiences.

For more information about Step Up to High School, download this summary.

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