s a nation, we confront a clear challenge in educating our young. The United States has fallen behind on international measures of academic success. Students of poverty and color face gaps in opportunity and achievement. Teachers and schools face diminishing budgets.

Yet many students learn. Many succeed. How can we leverage their successes, and current research about adolescent learning, to help ensure that their peers will succeed? The purpose of this website is to share with educators and parents highly compelling knowledge about student success, through the most respected research and the ideas and practices that have demonstrated success.

Explore the Ideas, the People, the Practices, and the Resources. And please continue to visit this site to find the latest information for parents and educators on student success.

This site, a continuously updated resource, was created through a collaboration between the Charles A. Dana Center at the University of Texas at Austin and Agile Mind, Inc. It includes materials from many sources, and received funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.

IdeasWhat ideas are known to be most critical to shaping student learning and academic success?

PeopleWho are some important thought leaders in student learning and what have they discovered?

PracticesHow are important and emerging ideas and practices now being put to work in various settings to impact students and teachers?

ResourcesHow can educators and parents engage further in these ideas to promote student success?

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